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The seeds of Cheroot were planted twenty years ago when 2 brothers, Jimmie and Herbert began a cigar smoking club with three other members. They wanted to enjoy the experience of smoking fine cigars and drinking Cognac, Brandy, and fine Wine with other enthusiasts. Those seeds grew as did their passion for the hobby into the Cheroot Cigar Lounge and Social Club, a brick and mortar membership-based establishment for cigar lovers to meet, drink fine liquor, eat delicious food, listen to great Jazz music, and smoke cigars in a relaxing and upbeat environment.

We Are Now Open To The Public!

Join us at 1 Westbrook Copr. Ctr. Ste. 300 Westchester, IL, and feel free to request more information, or contact us to learn more about our establishment and offerings.

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The world of cigars can seem overwhelming at first with confusing messages and too many opinions posing as facts. Even longtime smokers can find it to be a complicated hobby. That’s why we’ve assembled the following list of facts aimed at giving insight and perspective to every level of cigar. This list is a great starting point but isn’t comprehensive; one of the best things about the hobby is learning about the intricacies of cigars. This is a great place to begin accumulating that knowledge.

Every Cigar Smoker Should Know:

  1. How to Cut a Cigar
  2. How to Light a Cigar
  3. How to Ash a Cigar
  4. Cigar Shapes, Sizes & Colors
  5. Smoke Cool & Slow
  6. Understand Cigar Anatomy
  7. Cigar Aging
  8. Tobacco Fermentation
  9. Cigars Are a Natural & Artisanal Product
  10. The Quality and Craftsmanship that go into making a great cigar that one can appreciate and enjoy. 

What to know before choosing a cigar

Each cigar is different but there are a few key facts every cigar smoker should keep in mind when choosing one. First, learn about the blend of cigar to make sure it isn’t too strong or too mild. Keep in mind that price isn’t always an indicator of quality. Make sure your cigar has been properly aged. Make sure that your cigar is natural, made with tobacco, wrappers, binder, and filler. Nothing else. It is this natural flavor and color that contributes to a cigar’s inherent beauty

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